Lavolta’s Digital Bullets series

Lavolta – a recruitment agency – has launched a series called Digital Bullets.

“See what 13 of the industry’s leading lights have to say on industry issues and developments. Thanks to John Butterworth, Dominic Carosa, Martin Dalgleish, Adam Dunne, Tony Faure, Steve Fanale, Paul Fisher, Guy Gadney, Lee Stephens, Hannah Schwartz, Liam Walsh, Jennifer Wilson and Jenny Williams.”

It’s a pretty good watch to see what people think are the 2 things holding back digital media. The former co-author of this blog, Liam Walsh, has some interesting thoughts.

Personally I agreed with John Butterworth and Tony Faure.

Just as an FYI for Lavolta – there are people who work in digital media who don’t live in Sydney … The only Melbourne inclusion was Dom Carosa.

Good series though, one to keep an eye on.


2 responses to “Lavolta’s Digital Bullets series

  1. The Telstra bashing/apologists reminds me of the Microsoft and Bill Gates backlash of years ago. What is the beef exactly? I know Telstra is behind the rest of the developed world with regards to broadband speeds, but Australia’s low economy of scale (small population=small market) and isolation must surely be a contributing factor?

    Props to Telstra for swiftly working within social media and level-headedly dealing with inherent issues. The Stephen Conroy bitter Twitter has them issuing policy on social media etiquette.

  2. Very important question… how come Mr Butterworth get’s his photo cut-out head shot on the video start screen twice whilst the others only once!

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