An idea. Feedback please.

Ok, so basically I’m looking at the idea of getting a sponsor for the blog.

Why? Well – it would allow me to host the blog on its domain, with a better external WordPress theme, do some SEM, and hopefully invest some money in more content.

My thoughts are having 1 sponsor is the best way to go – I don’t want to have a load of advertisers on the site. Just 1 would be good – it would give them impact and the opportunity to say something interesting to the audience.

Personally, I like advertising on blogs as long as it’s relevant. This is what I’d like to try and do. In the US many similar blogs have sponsor arrangements and it doesn’t impact on the quality or direction of content.

Audience wise I think I have a good audience and product wise I have confidence it’s solid from all the audience data I have. My question is how the audience – ie you – would receive advertising.

What do you think?


9 responses to “An idea. Feedback please.

  1. I like the idea of one sponsor – but if you go with one and need a lot of revenue you might not get the most diverse and interesting brands to work with. How about a monthly or weekly sponsor so we can all have a share of it? I would be interested in that!

  2. Love targeted, relevant advertising on blogs or anywhere else, as you well know Ben! So I think an advertiser would be welcome and well received here, especially if it helps you to keep up the great work.
    We might even be able to help you find a sponsor – for the right commission!!

  3. Yeah man, if it’s relevant etc. why not?

    What about employer sponsors blogs? What’s your take on that?

  4. First, a few questions:
    What would sponsorship look like? Would you offer page takeovers ( ;-)) How would you maintain impartiality? How big is your audience?

  5. talkingdigital

    hey jo! well …

    what would it look like – not sure but more than just spots/dots
    would i offer takeover – probably not
    how would i maintain impartiality – i think this is pretty easy … only a sponsor can demand influence on content and if this is discussed upfront as a no go zone it shouldn’t be an issue
    how big is the audience – i’m getting anwhere between 300-500 visitors a day. In the scheme of the digital media crew in AU it’s a fair whack

  6. why don’t you ask for donations instead? lots of widgets available, just ask your visitors to consider throwing a few dollars your way and see how it ads up.

    great thing about this is that you know you’re already posting what your “sponsors” want to hear!

  7. You certainly have the power of influence here Shep, yet how does that translate into value for a sponsor/partner??
    Your opinions are sought and respected by others in the media community and you can sway public opinion. I think there is value in your ability to do this for a sponsor’s brand or product, but it needs to have credibility and relevance…
    Of course, as with any marketing activity though, it depends on success metrics and criteria.
    BTW – the page takeover comment was with tongue firmly-set-in-cheek.

  8. If you can close a way to monetize it efficiently Ben… do let me know! I’ve got something you can try and find a solution for also 😉

    That said. There is certainly room for a ‘Media Network’ that runs across all of these influential/ interesting / useful sites that makes it easy and efficient for a Y!, Tempest, FFX to run burst announcements across when needed.

  9. I’m against banner ads and Adsense, but that’s definitely something that varies depending on who you’re talking to. I do like the idea of a sponsor though, with more than just an image in your side bar, but working with you on occasional content, really being integrated into the blog.

    I think that bloggers deserve a greater reward for the effort they put in, and if you can get a sponsor on board go for it! And if you happen to stumble upon a second one who’s interested send them my way. =P

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