Flashback: Jason Donovan & Virgin Mobile

Remember this campaign from 3 years ago?


Geez, it was good. I loved it then and still do. Smart, clever and impactful.

I wonder if this campaign launched now, what the response would be. Back in 2006, most of us admired the thinking outside of the box approach which generated a great campaign.

Now, I can’t help but think most people would focus on all the things that didn’t really matter and it’d turn into a debate where all the experts questioned the motives of the agency and client and the transperency of pranking the target.

So yeah, how was this any different to Witcheryman? After all, this was a setup too.


2 responses to “Flashback: Jason Donovan & Virgin Mobile

  1. Hi Ben. Interesting post. I too love this campaign, it was both extremely creative, and extremely effective (I’m pretty sure it won an effectiveness award). If it were released today I’m sure there would be many social media twits rabbiting on about it not following the rules of social media, it’s not transparent, it could have been better – and so on. What matters is that consumers liked it, and it built the brand, and generated sales.

    You make a very strong point and I can’t help but think people will listen.

  2. Thanks for the thought. Ben. I joined NetX shortly after JD had finished (so I can claim zero part in this campaign) and had never thought of this scenario. The “fake” stalker/fan blogs and street videos would probably get some purists raging now. Just like Witchery the real public would not be aware of this insiders’ debate. Nor would they find it particularly interesting I reckon.

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