Is Google’s advertising puzzle coming together finally?

It’s often said that Google finds the advertising industry an unnecessary frustration and it’s ultimate aim is to make it redundant and foster direct relationships with advertisers.

Google will never agree that this is the case. As far as they’re concerned, they want to work with agencies. Well, they do for the time being … as agencies can help Google get in with the higher spending top advertisers and nurture these clients through the time intensive early stages of testing the medium.

As time goes on you just don’t know.

I found this case study on my trip around the web today and I thought it was interesting.

This is the first time I’ve seen Google put together their advertising assets into what is effectively a client pitch. They’ve had Double Click for 2 years, Analytics for almost as long, and have been refining the likes of Media Planner, Insights, Trends etc over the same period of time.

The only thing holding them back has been the quality of some of the products – media planner and insights aren’t robust enough (in this writers opinion) to make real decisions around. However, this is Google – they will get it right or at least give it a crack.

So this preso covers 4 key areas

Strategy – Keyword Tool, Adwords, Google Insights, Ad Planner
Creative – Gadgets, Open Social, APIs, YouTube advertising, DoubleClick Rich Media
Media – Google Content Network, YouTube Advertising, Google TV Ads
Optimisation – Google Analytics, Website Optimizer, Report Centre

Now, correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t these 4 areas the specialty of the ad industry

Strategy — Creative — Media — Optimisation

Google has invested and continues to invest HEAVILY in these tools . They are not doing this as a community service … there’s a longer term play they are building and it looks pretty obvious. If they can make the majority of these tools market leading (which most are not if we’re honest) they will be in a good position.

So you have to wonder how long Google are going to keep pretending they’re not making a play at the cornerstones of the ad and media industry.


2 responses to “Is Google’s advertising puzzle coming together finally?

  1. Interestingly, Google NZ has let go of their client education/sales team and kept a small agency sales team in place. A real pity.

  2. If we look back at the past, perhaps Googles refusal to pay Agency Comision on media bookings was the first sign they were holding the ad industry in contempt…

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