So what is happening with Starlight’s $14.7m website

I touched on this here a few weeks back –

Ash Ringrose commented on it here –

Nathan Bush here –

The mainstream press have covered it. SMH –

However there’s still no real explanation … still. At the same time Starlight is putting it’s hand out for more money with some dubious advertising.

It has 1,000 members so far. It’s target is 20,000 by end of year.

I would say most of Australia’s key web destinations were developed and marketed for less that $14.7m

Conroy is still quiet on the matter.


2 responses to “So what is happening with Starlight’s $14.7m website

  1. There is simply no way in the world something like this could even go close to that sum.

    I’d be ranting if it costs $700k (which is about $600k too much). Where did the $14m go?

    I’ve rolled out dozens of websites and am aware of all the cost points and complexities.

    But there’s simply no way that a site like this could cost that amount of money.

    Questions should continue to be asked…

  2. I’m with Zac. No one is saying the concept and market isnt crying out for a great website to interact. BUT what happened to the $13.5 MILLION? Well I guess you say thats Government and if you add that to the Grocery watch site that cost circa $13 million that Choice have taken over we can see a trend. [I’m in favour of Choice running website]
    Now imagine any commercial[ yes a critical word] venture seeking to raise money to build a site for that sort of money. Well as Zc said they could get it built for $500k tops.

    Government tenders how can i get on that gravy train of cash?

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