Would this have been accepted 12 months ago?

Check this homepage medium rectangle on the front page of the SMH


Could it be this advertiser is trying to mislead the user by using the same fonts and style as the editorial? And could it be that the SMH are letting them? It doesn’t have a border either.

Would love to the see the click through on this.

I’m all for relaxing some of the restrictions around ad operations and sizes/formats but I think this is setting a pretty dangerous precendent for Fairfax Digital. Because if you let one ad like this through, you have to let them all through … right?


3 responses to “Would this have been accepted 12 months ago?

  1. I am less annoyed at this tactic on news sites than the one that news.com.au seems to employ. They use headlines like “Mum ‘hid dead son in fridge for two years”.

    There is no distinction of Australian vs Global news in this section/headline and I often click through thinking “shit, that happened in Australia?” only to find that it happened overseas. I find it very misleading (and if it isn’t misleading then it is very lazy).

    Also, the airline ad looks dodgy because the text is actually a picture and the heading and text look fuzzy.

  2. I’m pretty sure someone approved this who shouldn’t have. Last time I checked FD’s creative specs, this would have fallen into the ‘not accepted’ category.

  3. That does look a lot like editorial and not paid content. They don’t do it in print, so don’t do it in digital.

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