7 Ways to Reinvent the Internet for Advertising …

This is an event Video Egg is doing this week online. (thanks Seamus @ Mediasmart for the heads up)


Here’s the blurb: This is the inflection point. It’s time to find new ways to make the digital media work harder for brand advertisers. It’s time for new thinking. Not more light-weight panel banter, but real ideas from serious thinkers that don’t mind sticking their necks out a bit.

So we created an event and gave 7 great people 7 minutes to talk about the future.

Why is VideoEgg doing it? Because our business is about finding better ways to make the internet work for brands. We like ideas and we like people with lots of them.”

Speakers include my ultimate boss, Rob Norman, CEO of Group M Interaction; Ty Montague from JWT, Michael Lebowitz from Big Spaceship, Randall Rothenberg from the IAB, ex Yahoo! Wenda Harris Millard and Troy Young from Video Egg.

It’s at 1:30pm New York time on Wednesday 6 May … which means for AU East Coast it runs at 3:30am on Thursday morning.

Ok – with that in mind you’d really have to love digital advertising to get up in the middle of the night and listen to a webinar. Especially now it’s getting cold.

Anyway see how you go. Let’s hope it’s archived!


One response to “7 Ways to Reinvent the Internet for Advertising …

  1. It certainly will be archived, MediaSmart will have access to the footage after the event so get in touch with us that morning and we will send it your way!!

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