Facebook AU puzzle coming together

Lara in The Oz is reporting that Facebook has hired an AU head and is looking to employ up to 10 people to service the local market.


At this stage it looks like Facebook will be having an ad only presence in AU … no content/production/technical staff.

You would assume this means a 2 GSMs or equivalents, 3-4 Account managers, maybe a sales strategist and some traffickers.

Paul Borrud has joined from Facebook’s head office as Regional Vice President.

He’s on facebook (surprise, surprise) – http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Borrud/31005743

He was sales VP for Facebook in the US and prior to that was in sales roles at Yahoo, including a role as Director of Sales, Western Region.

His quote from todays article – ‘”Our value proposition goes beyond the actual ad unit that (advertisers buy).”

Emitch’s John Murray: ” We need some proof that some of this stuff works. When you go, can I have a bit more information, it falls down. He needs to show the pass-on rate.”


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