IAB opens up a little

Whilst I think this is a positive move, it’s funny to think it has taken so long …


New York, NY (April 30, 2009) – The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) today announced that it has held its first meeting of the Re-Imagining Interactive Advertising Task Force, comprised of top online publishers, media agencies and, for the first time, creative officers from the nation’s leading advertising agencies. The new task force’s objective is to develop a comprehensive roadmap for the next stages in the evolution of interactive advertising to ensure that ad formats meet the growing business and creative needs of advertisers, agencies and publishers.”

So yeah … until now the people who have discussed creative specs and ad formats have included everyone bar those who actually create them.

Are creative agencies locally represented by the Australian IAB?

I guess if we want to build more impactful creative, we need to get the er, creatives, involved.

The more I think about digital usage patterns the more it seems the current creative specs and units might not be the right ones (right now it feels like a bad compromise between 15 second TVs and magazine ads despite the way people consume online being radically different to both of those).

Closer collaboration with creatives can help fix this.


3 responses to “IAB opens up a little

  1. Ben,
    The recent formation of the IAB Australia Standards & Guidelines Council will tackle the issue of ad specs, specifically to update the Universal Ad Package (UAP) to include rich media specs, create AU market relevant video ad specs, among other projects.

    I have met with Mark Champion, CEO of the AFA and we have agreed that a representative from the AFA – most probably Mike Zeederberg, the Digital Director for the AFA National Committee – will be the man – will be a permanent member of the Council.

    We also work closely with Mike on the Creative Showcase which champions great digital creative currently every 3 mths (we are hoping to increase to every 2 mths).

    Agree the “creatives” have an essential voice in the development of the industry as a whole.

    Re the bigger picture in your post, I would like to host a similar symposium here in AU with various sectors of the online ad industry represented to discuss and shape future developments in the industry.

  2. talkingdigital

    good one fish, appreciate (and I’m sure the readers do too) you coming on and explaining what the IAB is doing locally. Cheers

  3. Sorry to use your blog Shep – but CONGRATULATIONS Paul I hear the little guy arrived!!

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