When TV becomes interesting …

The idea of addressable TV is pretty exciting.

Imagine you could target ads to those watching TV like you do with web.

Based on location, demographic information etc

Add to this targeting behaviours and interests based on their TV consumption.

And retargeting based on the same thing. ie – targeting high net worth individuals that are high consumers of business media during the week but sport on the weekend.

All running the humble 30 second TVC, but also other executions from display to pull throughs to interactive applications.

And the ability to report on demographic/interests based on response to see what sort of users with what sort of interests/location/timepart etc are interested in what you’re saying.

These are things that digital is struggling to do right now. Some can, many can’t.

If TV can grow a pair and stop believing others hype it might realise just how good a position it really is in.


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