Square peg, round hole?

Read this on Ad Week and found it worthy of passing on …


“This summer ShortTail Media will initiate a beta test of what it’s calling the Digital 30 (D30), a full-page, deliberately intrusive placement built to showcase traditional 15- and 30-second TV spots. But unlike most Web video ads, the D30 loads between Web pages much like an interstitial.”

It’s effectively a super interstitial … loading video instead of a 15s flash transition.

This is a response from advertisers and agencies that digital fails to offer the impact and size that they want. It also removes the reliance on ‘impressions’ as the currency and leans more towards selling an audience not opportunity to see. Add to this time targeting and the currency moves more in line with TV.

It’s a bold move that should be supported – generally – but there are questions around whether plonking a 15s TVC online is using the medium as well as what is possible. However, I do feel the interstitial is a much ignored ad format that when used correctly and sensibly can be incredibly impactful whilst respectful of the user.

Being respectful of the user is key, and those properties with unique, exclusive content are in the best position to look at higher impact ad units as there aren’t 15-25 easily accessible competitors with the same content.

Interstitial based ads combined with less ads per page and ad roadblocks is a positive step forward. Plus some common sense when trafficking – ie, not having competing products running on the same page. Whilst you would doubt the D30 would become an industry standard, it shows that todays economic climate is making impact a key discussion point.

You will find the industry will welcome a little bit of commercial realism around the defence of ‘user experience’ too.

Interesting times ahead and I wonder when the local industry will start to shake things up a little.


One response to “Square peg, round hole?

  1. It will be interesting if these have the ability to be skipped or closed early – NY Times sometimes have big f off ads that load between articles but they have the ability to be skipped early. Having an intrusive ad that a user can skip or loads for a few seconds is not such a big deal and could work well but forcing a user to sit through a 15-30s TVC whilst going to a different page would really be awful.

    Imagine reading a 2 page article online and waiting 30s to get to the 2nd page, that wouldn’t exactly leave me with warm fuzzy feelings about the brand advertising nor the site I was on. I’m all for innovative ad placements but hopefully there is still some thought in there about how this affects the user.

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