The new Lavolta Digital Bullet misses the target

I’ve really enjoyed this series that Lavolta have curated, but the most recent one is pretty average.

The question is around Freeview and whether it is a White Elephant.

You can view it here –

So what are my concerns

1/ Some commentators come across very narrow minded and clearly show their agendas. Dom Carosa should be embarassed about what he said after his spectacular and public digital failure(s).

2/ How come they didn’t ask anyone to contribute who doesn’t work in the digital service industry. I would have thought this area would have been a perfect area to speak to a James Warburton or Stephen Leeds – ie, someone in the TV industry.

3/ How would the digital people feel if the roles were reversed and a bunch of TV/press heavy hitters were allowed to talk so freely and publicly around online developments.

4/ Freeview is an easy target – personally the category of PVRs, set top boxes, IP TV etc would have made a more interesting discussion area.

Many often complain that the ‘traditional’ industry “just don’t get digital”. I think we can now almost safely say the reverse is true in many instances as well.

I’m not defending Freeview but watching this made me squirm.


2 responses to “The new Lavolta Digital Bullet misses the target

  1. Wow. I just watched it now after your comments Shep and I couldn’t agree more. No TV stakeholders included, but also just shows how much fluff people talk when they don’t really have an answer for something that’s out of their expertise area. Results in things like “integration with other forms of digital off the back of digital TV” and “TV is no longer where it’s at”.

    At least two out of all interviewed (Liam Walsh and Jenny Williams) were able to say those few little words “I don’t know about this area”…

  2. Hi Ben,

    My guess on the selection of people is that La Volta’s starting points was to invite a dozen or so digerati to their offices, and then quiz them on a number of topics. They then slice and dice them into the ‘bullet’ of the week.

    I suspect that’s why there are no non-digital people featured.

    In the same way, in defence of Domenic C, that was probably one of several topics thrown at him during that session. He’s still active in the industry – and despite last year’s setback, I’d argue still has a more infromed view than many to offer.

    But on your wider point regarding the digital TV category as a whole, that’s where it gets interesting. Personally I still can’t get my head round what Seven sees at the end game for TiVo, for instance.


    Tim – Mumbrella

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