Head of Digital Media role

Found this on my travels


Not sure who it is for but it sounds like a meaty role.

This caught my eye though.

Our client would welcome a candidate who has had experience in offline media and understands the role digital can play & how it can effectively work with offline channels. The candidate is required to have a strong strategic capability with a mindset that transcends all media channels”


5 responses to “Head of Digital Media role

  1. A meaty role indeed. But the candidate would have to live with working at a media agency that describes itself in job ads as “wicked”.

  2. talkingdigital

    reminds me of poochie the rockin’ dog from the simpsons. to the max!

  3. Lot of great Poochie Memories..
    hey kids – always recycle. To the extreme!

    I think we should give the agency the benefit of the doub, I’m sure the recruiter was the one to describe them as wicked.

    However, they may have job titles like like ‘Quarterback’ and Drum Major! in which case they may actually describe themselves as wicked.

  4. Good on them. The online media industry needs more people who understand media generally (ie offline) as well as understand consumer behaviour, believe in brands, the power of creativity and a great idea. The concept of effective frequency and wear out etc etc. So we can build a more valuable medium online that is better respected and liked, more effective and delivers more rewarding brand experiecnes for online users.

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