A week of thinking out loud. #4 Resource

One issue that is commonly spoken about is how many resources marketers and agencies can handle in regards to suppliers.

It’s a valid question.

There’s web publishers. Ad Servers/Ad Technology. Mobile suppliers. In Game suppliers. SEO. SEM. Research and data.

There’s some claims that media agencies have 150 touchpoints alone when it comes to publishers or third party sales companies.

With digital the thing that makes it great and difficult at the same time is the huge amount of choice. An agencies role is to evaluate all options and come back to the client with the best way of investing their budget.

However with constant downward pressure on fees and resource you have to ask the question how long is this sustainable.

Can a planner look at 150 different options with diligence but also do it in a way that makes sense financially for the agency? This might take 80 head hours … but what if the client doesn’t want to pay for 80 head hours? Or what if the budget is small and the agency is on a commission percentage?

And can an agency come back with a final plan that has 25-35 suppliers on it and also manage this – delivery, optimisation, trafficking, negotiations, added value etc – in a way that means it’s not costing them money to adequately represent clients?

Automation isn’t the answer as almost everything is done manually.

Maybe an answer is looking at the companies that effectively sell the same properties/audiences etc and cutting back your preferred supplier list.

Or setting trading demands and rules of engagement around billing/trafficking/pricing upfront and consolidating efforts within these partners.


3 responses to “A week of thinking out loud. #4 Resource

  1. It is certainly a problem on both sides of the ledger. From a publisher/ supplier perspective it is hard to get face time and adequate feedback from agencies due to the demands of their time. Every agency is different in the way the approach digital and maybe some ‘guidelines for engagement’ passed down from the MPA could help the situation for both sides.

  2. iamcontrarian


    Touchpoints sounds a lot more pleasant than it seems I reckon.

    anyways it is not true.

    When the media buyer can name and list the 150 touch points/suppliers then we can talk about this seriously.

    Until then it is noise.

  3. talkingdigital

    true but whether it’s 150 or 30 it’s potentially too much too handle under current resourcing and yield expectations

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