Can we stop using the term ‘premium’?

Please stop.

Everyone claims to be premium and right now its just another subjective claim.

Instead of using the term ‘premium’ try and justify fees/positioning by using more facts and less blah.

Let’s stop the word premium being misused and becoming meaningless … like strategy.


6 responses to “Can we stop using the term ‘premium’?

  1. craigadolph

    Hey Ben,

    Good post, I agree completely with what you’re saying.

    My favourite is when products are described as luxury. If it’s a luxury product, then clearly you don’t actually need it.

  2. iamcontrarian

    Well Premium refers to the flexibility one gets when purchasing. They get access to precise timing, placement and context.

    I see no problem with premium.

  3. talkingdigital

    neither do i but it loses meaning when everyone claims they’re premium.

  4. Can we then also stop using words like:

    Free trial
    What else can I get

    When talking about Placements that outperform market (based on CTR and/or conversion)

    : )

  5. Ben,

    Interested to know, when you are you thinking about ‘premium’ are you thinking at brand/publisher level, content type or position/size of placement. Or a combination of the above?

    Basically, how would you define premium?


  6. Jason Ealey

    It’s a bit bullshit bingo but can we please please please stop the use of:




    ‘moving forward’

    ‘touch(ing) base’

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