Is The Vine Fairfax’s skin site?

It’s claimed that Fairfax’s The Vine website is a youth website.

I’m not so sure.

For one, most of the audience are readers of The Age and SMH online. A % so large it’s hard to ignore.

Secondly – most of the in house promotion/ads across the site of late appear to be skin related.

I was reading this article on the ‘Advertiser stimulus’ ( and saw a Vine ad.

Headline read ‘Jessica Biel strips’ it pushed through to this –

Second line read ‘Rihanna’s Naked Shots’ –

So yeah … how many of The Vine’s readers are male SMH and The Age readers looking for a bit of a skin fix?

Apologies about the urls not displaying as links – they don’t appear to be working …


5 responses to “Is The Vine Fairfax’s skin site?

  1. I’m sure if you look back into the archive of The Vine’s pictorials you’ll find plenty more credible content for SMH/Age readers with one hand on their mouse and the other…… not on the keyboard.

  2. Wonder why there are no comments here?

  3. talkingdigital

    good to get fairfax’s perspective steve … ip addresses are awesome eh …

  4. I don’t think the question is really valid. Or rather, it’s well and truly answered. A picture tells a thousand words. :

    But claiming youth portal status when most traffic likely comes from the middle aged SMH readers already confused by irritating OTPs, cunningly lured by the promise of eroticism is just a bit short sighted and …….. sorry, distracted by the pictures:

    Disclaimer: Vested interest in an actual ‘youth portal’ or two.

  5. Great article! I was going to blog there, as it’s a built-in audience, but I’m embarassed by it being an erotic pick-me-up for wage slaves. Do women “read” The Vine (oops, I mean look at the photos)? Ugh. Cheap pics for cheap clicks. Also, the readership on the blogs is rubbish even for a well-known contributor, as the highly deterring counters on individual articles reveal. Australia needs a decent citizen journalism portal…

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