Vocalpoint – an interesting approach …

There’s so much blah rubbish talk around social media marketing in this country it’s getting tiring. Unfortunately not that much action follows it.

That is to be expected. The area is so new most of the efforts are pure experimentation backed with anecdotal/subjective rationale. Just like being able to drive doesn’t make you a mechanic, having 25 different social media accounts across facebook, twitter, dopplr etc doesn’t make you an expert in connecting with real people (not other networkers) using them.

I think it’s odd locally there’s not a whole lot of activity around the P&G Tremor/Vocalpoint approach.

Tremor was setup by P&G in 2001 to target teen connectors. It worked well – the group had 200,000 of them reasonably quicky … the problem was most of P&G’s products were targeted at GBs so Tremor did most of its work helping external companies.

P&G setup Vocalpoint to target GBs and now has 350,000 of them on their panel. http://tremor.com/ourAdvantage.html

As an area this is interesting. Why:

– it is backed up with a lot of research and insight. It’s not a guessing game
– it has scale
– measurement is advanced

There was a group called Yooster that was around late 2005 that had a similar idea to this and had pretty a pretty big financial backer (which then pulled out from my sources) however they have been pretty quiet of late.

This sort of thing would make for an interesting local play, especially if the operator could nail both the scale required and the quality of panel.

A few groups could probably look at this right now. I would argue it’s worth exploration as it’s an interesting area that would allow those who can get involved to start playing a different game to their competitors.

ninemsn is in the best spot in terms of teens. Kidspot has Mums. Bigpond for over 35’s. Imagine what a PBL/ACP/ninemsn could do in this space … or Seven Media Group?

More info http://www.tremor.com


4 responses to “Vocalpoint – an interesting approach …

  1. Hi Ben.
    Here’s an example of someone in Australia taking social media marketing seriously. ActionAid Australia is sending an Aussie blogger to Africa to train the locals in the latest blogging techniques so they can report back to our Aussie supporters on the work we’re doing in the field.
    Also, the whole process of preparing for the trip, etc, is being documented through social media – on blogs (http://stilgherrian.com/category/toto), twitter (#toto, #secretmission) and more to come…
    Check it out. It’s the sort of stuff I’d love to have written about at AdNews.

  2. Pollinate has been running their Soup panel in Australia for quite a while which has had some great campaign successes (moreso than Yooster methinks).

    Albeit not to the scale of the P&G example.

  3. Ben – we’ve got a pretty advanced influencer panel platform called Ripple. It’s delivered some good results across a bunch of projects for Foxtel, Coke NZ, Bigpond .

    The panel is recruited and screened based on psychometric profiling and it provides multi media and social tools to engage and propagate.

    It’s probably worth us having a catch up in the next few weeks when I’m down next.

  4. Whats the view on businesses maintaining their own communities / social networks to gain insights – ala Communispace.


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