The art of the presentation – includes worlds most awesome presentation …

Don’t miss out on seeing the actual presentation – link within the article

It’s a confirmed fact that many presentations around digital media are sub par.

I’ve been taking a good hard look at my own ones of late, and think that I could probably evolve my own presentations into a more contemporary format.

You see, presentations should be looked at as storytelling. ie – it doesn’t matter if you’re making it up … that’s all part of the story

The main trends I see in many presentations now are …

– they don’t say much
– there’s a big picture on every page
– no logical flow
– most include sentiment around ‘change’
– big dramatic statements

Often I am told my presentations are too light on the images – so I’m changing the game.

I’ve gone through some of more awesome presentations on slideshare written by experts in everything that talk about the future of everything … and in the spirit of crowdsourcing or following blindly what everyone else says I’ve come up with the below.

Here it is …

For me it ticks all boxes

– picture of Obama
– non sensical ‘ if x was a country power statement’
– lots of Web 2.0 product logos that no one uses
– some ‘rules’ I pulled out of my arse
– TV bash
– 2006 Time Magazine cover

Conference organisers. My phone is always on.


9 responses to “The art of the presentation – includes worlds most awesome presentation …

  1. A presentation is worth 10000 words 🙂

    Guilty: i’ve used the Time cover. Like 2, 5 years ago. And the broken TV also. But now I’m sticking to drawing on the back of the napkins. it’s the new black 🙂

  2. haha – love it! I’ll admit to using lots of web 2.0 logos though 🙂

  3. now that made me laugh

  4. Glenn Rogers

    Champagne shep..

  5. very very funny. for a few moments lately I thought you’d lost your sense of humour!

  6. Brilliant…
    I had to laugh yesterday when in a discussion with a ‘mature’ recruiter mentioned he worked as a business trainer also. He thought the Google preso we had just been in was old fashioned and not catchy enough – yes there were big slogans and the odd heart felt phrases but he communicated exactly what was important and didnt get carried away with big long paragraphs, silly pictures and the like. According to this guy his own practices included moving images eg. rivers flowing across the page with text and moving cars towing slide after slide.
    For an audience of 10 yr olds I can see this could work – especially for short attention spans. But for me the Google preso was precise and clear.

  7. talkingdigital

    tony – i’ve struggled to keep it a bit of late but it’s always been there … problem is i’m generally not that funny heh.

  8. Ben, I was starting to think you didn’t have a satirical bone in you! Love it.

  9. that’s fantastic – I’m still giggling! And agree with Gid – I saw a preso the other day with clip art and moving images – reminds me of those lovely flashing banner ads informing you that you’ve won something

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