A big day

Sometimes you have those days which everything seems to fall into place.

This morning MAXUS had the Worlds Biggest Morning Tea, where lots of Melbourne’s media reps and Maxus clients came together for a bit of a feast and an auction. We rasied $5k for The Cancer Council and it was just a great morning. I cooked some muffins and managed to guilt people into buying them. From what I know none of them suffered food poisoning.

A few minutes after the Morning Tea finished, the agency (Maxus) was told we officially had won the Jetstar media account. B&T article here – http://www.bandt.com.au/news/D3/0C0613D3.asp – which is really exciting and great recognition of what was, in my opinion, a really unique interesting pitch response.

And – today I passed 8,000 users of this here blog for the last month – a record!

Have a good weekend.


2 responses to “A big day

  1. well deserved Ben.

  2. What a result – on all three counts!

    Great stuff Shep.

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