So word is the new MSFT search will launch tomorrow

It’s been talked about for a while but the word is ninemsn will unveil locally in a presentation to key media.

It’s unknown whether they have taken the new product to advertisers or agencies yet.

SMH covers it here – – complete with a bit of a whinge from Rohan Lund around the market position of Google in this market and competition. (maybe Lund forgets Yahoo! has the power of the leading TV network in AU as well as the number 2 magazine play and they still can’t get people to use their search offering so they have their share of helping hands as well …)

Bing or whatever it will be called isn’t a Google killer – that isnt the point. The search market is so big that if MSFT can move their share from 2.5% to lets say 7-10% it would be a substantial win for them revenue wise. Add to this what search data and insights can do to their now core display advertising business.

My prediction. Ninemsn will focus on building trial and repeat traffic, and once that is done look to take sales back at the start of 2010.

Building user numbers will require converting Google users as well as key distribution channels … one of which could be around Facebook. Remember in October last year they announced a deal that has been remarkably low key until now –


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