Australia’s best conversation?

News Limited’s new online initiative has gone live. It’s called The Punch –

What the gist … well it’s 100% opinion. In true News modesty, it’s been dubbed ‘Australia’s best conversation’. (no source attributed)

“The Punch is for every Australian with a passion for debate. We’ll feature some of the nation’s best writers and biggest names discussing current events in politics, entertainment, sport, business and more. You can browse our wide stable of contributors below.”

To be honest I’m not sure what to make of it. Seems to me News have bought into the hype that media consumption isn’t passive anymore and everyone demands a voice and wants to be heard … which I’m not sure is the case to be honest.

Question also needs to be asked is how strong an environment this is for advertisers.

Nonetheless will be interesting to see how it evolves and how many NEW/incremental eyeballs it can generate for News Limited. If all that is achieved is getting their existing users onto the punch with some catchy headlines and some cross network pushing then you’ve gotta wonder what the point is. The key thing here is new users.


3 responses to “Australia’s best conversation?

  1. It’s hard not to be cynical in todays environment about online news, blogs, twitter and the like. While they have practical applications from a personal, business and social perspectives, when the major media companies jump on board we know it only for one reason. That is; just another desperate attempt to monetise this to offset the revenue losses that are currently swallowing up media organizations world wide

  2. Unfortunately, for all it’s noble “give the average Joe a voice” fanfare, there will very likely be little to no real substance to any of the so-called “discussions”. I think it’s pretty clear that the best way to generate hits (coz that’s what it’s about) is over-the-top sensationalist reporting, and I think you can prepare for a whole load of it on The Punch.

  3. Agree they might have jumped the shark on the whole ‘everyone wants a voice’ thing. I actually believe – honestly – that people have moved on from the ‘everyone can have an opinion online’ novelty and are actually seeking something more original. God forbid, actual journalism even…

    I argue that here:

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