Some interesting AU Ad/Media people on Twitter

AdAge did a recent article about 25 people within advertising/media that you should follow. Trouble was they’re US people.

Got me thinking – who are the 25 people in AU in the same industries that are interesting? It also was an easy post to do on a Sunday night whilst watching the Pies demolish Port Adelaide.

What’s the criteria? Hrm – is there ever really a ‘criteria’ for these things. It’s sort of a subjective mix of people you like, admire, respect etc … who post interesting things, thoughts about their own job or the industry or even better, things unrelated to work.

Disclaimer – this list is purely my opinion and designed to let you know about interesting people you might not be following. Plus I couldn’t think of 25 so narrowed it down to 15

So here we go

Tony Faure – Former ninemsn CEO and generally worlds smartest guy (in my opinion) –
Kate Richardson – GM of Stickywood –
Wendy Hogan – VP and MD of CBS Interactive here in Oz –
Andrew Hunter – Head of News, Sport and Finance at Ninemsn –
Sam Granleese – digital guy at Publicis Digital in Melbourne (sorry Sam don’t know what title you have) –
Jason Whitaker – Journo and Blogger –
Tim Burrowes – Mumbrella main man –
Nick Crocker – Founder and MD of Native. 1/2 of team behind –
Stan Lee – Creative dude at Wunderman and generally wise, author of Brand DNA blog –
Chris Jeffares – MD at Wunderman Melbourne –
Ashley Ringrose – Soap, Bannerblog and creative smart guy –
Lynchy – Publisher and Editor of Campaign Brief –
First Dog On The Moon – Cartoonist/contributor for Crikey and my supercoach nemesis. Generally awesome –
Andrew Pascoe – Local guy working in London –
Plus … me … –


5 responses to “Some interesting AU Ad/Media people on Twitter

  1. You forgot to add in a numbered rating system and pass it off as something like quantitative…!

    Btw, I’m actually using @andrewpascoe rather than @pascoe

    Thanks for the list – it’s a good way to find ppl like Jeffares who I wouldn’t have hunted out unprompted, but am glad I can follow.

  2. I’m flattered, Ben. Constantly amazed that my shooting off at the mouth is interesting to people. It’s certainly not interesting to my friends and family… 🙂

    Enjoy the site. Keep up the good work.

  3. I’m glad you did mention yourself on that list. I’d not noticed until that point that I’d somehow failed to follow you. Now I’ve got ben360.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  4. A bit late to discover this one! Thanks for the props Ben.

    Technically my title is digital account director, and I work across both Publicis and ZenithOptimedia as a jack of all trades.

    Cheers 🙂

  5. Shepherd, I thought we were friends! I dont even get a guernsey on your blog roll?!?! you are my number one commentor, I create content with your discerning eye in mind. And this is how I get paid back!

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