Business Spectator launch KGB TV

I really like this new initiative from Business Spectator.

It’s called KGB TV –

It involves Alan Kohler, Robert Gottleibsen and Stephen Bartholomeusz grilling various business heavy hitters. The first interview is with Gramuel Samuel – ACCC Chairman and a man who has been in the news frequently over the past few years but especially so in the last few months. Unfortunately he doesn’t go into much depth around the Richard Pratt case and the subsequent fallout.

HSBC is the launch sponsor in a campaign planned through Mindshare Sydney.

This is top of town content. These three interviewers are big players and brands in their own right. If they can maintain the same sort of interviewee stature as Samuel it will become a pretty solid content play. For Business Spectator to start making real inroads into the Finance category it needs to leverage these 3 figureheads more … both on the site and in market.

I have to say it’s hard not to like Kohler after seeing him in action and also spending some time with the guy. I think he’s one of the best public figures in media and look forward to seeing him take more of a visible role in this sort of video content.

Good one Private Media crew!

Disclaimer: Mindshare Sydney is part a groupm agency – the same as my employer Maxus.


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