The areas we need to evolve …

So last week I put a poll up asking what areas we needed to work on as an industry to generate sustainable growth.

I got 53 responses, hardly representitive of the entire world but still a response.

The feedback was interesting

– 22% felt the most important need was to invest in deeper measurement

– 22% felt we needed to benchmark digital costs against other media

– 20% felt we should stop selling the medium and start analysing it

– 9% felt we needed to push for more creative flexibility

– 7% felt we needed to invest more in digital talent

– 4% felt we needed more social media strategists

There were also some comments from readers outside of the poll options.

Kate Richardson from Stickwood asked for”more focus on evaluating digital element/medium on its role in the campaign and its capabilities.”

Neil Ackland of Sound Alliance comemnted that “Ads need to be relevant, contextual and targeted not just spray and pray, bargain basement, performance rubbish.”

And Roger Lintzeris of Mediacom felt that “in depth, but more importantly, valuable measurements should be an area of focus for the industry.”

I was surprised (pleasantly mind you) that the need to benchmark digital costs against other media was viewed as equal most important. This is an area that really hasn’t had much attention at all paid to it and has always been a bit of a mystery to advertisers … just how cost effective is my online buy when compared with other media and measured in the same way (not confusing acronyms).

Interesting feedback, thankyou to everyone who responded.


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