ninemsn’s new media centre ticks all the boxes

Have to say I really like ninemsn’s new media centre.

I stumbled upon it today looking for ad specs for a client schedule.

Trade marketing sites are generally boring. Really boring. Lots of boring research and links. A few blah executive bios and if you’re lucky, ad specs. So why do I like this one?

1/ They’ve given their major commercial heads a voice. Joe Pollard and Kerry McCabe have started blogs, that if updated could be really interesting. Kerry McCabe’s blog covers a potentially sensitive topic (taking aim at FD and News around how many users of a state based masthead actually reside in that state) and that is a really good thing. Joe Pollard is an accomplished marketer and people want to know her thoughts. If this can be maintained it will give ninemsn a real point of difference

2/ They are doing something to push creative innovation through The Butterfly Award – – which addresses innovation, cut through and impact. All relevant issues.

3/ This initiative puts ninemsn back into a thought leadership position. With the DMS events back a few years, ninemsn was responsible for bringing a lot of leading digital thinkers to town and introducing technologies and insights (Rex Briggs, Jeff Cole, Massive) which hasn’t been done the last few years.  Ninemsn having a visible stance on the future direction of digital marketing is resoundingly positive and puts it in the position of a ‘media company’ not a technology company.

4/ Case studies. Okay – they’re not that deep nor local – but they are brands people know and have enough depth to back up a claim or recommendation.

5/ The ad specs are in a format mere mortals can understand. Technical specs plus links to additional information from the ad serving companies.

6/ It’s light on the sell. Ninemsn does talk about themselves being the ‘House of Brands’ (not sure this is a pillar to differentiate yourself on as most publishers claim their brands are premium/loved etc) but there’s not much Nielsen/Morgan spin nor competitor comparisons.

It will be interesting to see how this evolves but the beginnings are really promising.


One response to “ninemsn’s new media centre ticks all the boxes

  1. Kind of funny how they still have PDF downloads, rather than just pages – for example.


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