Do I possess John Edward type powers … The Punch, Crikey and the who gives a f*ck factor

David Penberthy posted a bit of a self congratulatory rant today around the month one of the punch. He’s entitled to, it’s his baby and I’m sure the month was a tough one work wise as launching a site is never easy. (well I don’t really know that as the last site I helped launch was 10 years ago)

Regardless, a few days back in this post I made a prediction –

“I can already see the boasting now – theopunch beats Crikey in month 1 (for unique browsers) … and this is true. The Punch has more users than Crikey.”

And what happened today from the @Penbo… in paragraph two of his overview/sales pitch.

“The Punch had expected to get about 80,000 readers (unique browsers) in its first month. The official figures show we ended up with 206,281 readers. This compares to Crikey, which is five years older than us, and had 179,069 readers in the same period.”

Still, in the key metrics and the metrics which indicate user interest and engagement Crikey is belting them. No mention of this nor their initial struggle with engagement.

Anyway, thepunch start isn’t disasterous and is much better (seemingly) than their initial KPI’s (80,000 users)

My question is – who really gives a shit? I can get away with opinion and ranting mainly because I cover a niche area, have no commercial element to the site and have a pretty small reader base who are generally media dorks. (Sorry reader, but it’s true. You are a dork, someone has to tell you)

My feeling is most people don’t care about the political side of the media industry as they are aware that there are more important things in life.

Both parties are as bad as eachother. Crikey has been wasting space on thepunch and vice versa when the majority of readers really wouldn’t care.

And lets bring it back to the advertiser. You know, the groups that provide the revenue that pay salaries. What advertiser would want to run next to a petty media shitfight? I can’t really think of any but there must be a market for it given how hard these two have been going at eachother.

I can’t wait for the soon to be rolled out ad packages that invite advertisers to jump on board the ‘irrelevant media pissing contest’ sponsorship.


7 responses to “Do I possess John Edward type powers … The Punch, Crikey and the who gives a f*ck factor

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  2. I think The Punch and Crikey should collaborate in true online spirit to make up for their schoolyard behaviour. I bet it would work out well for them. Suggestions?

  3. talkingdigital

    seems to me to be another case of sydney v melbourne … so maybe to decide we get them to play a game of AFL with Penberthy and Beecher facing off in the ruck!

  4. dunno about that Ben, Crikey have hammering News for a while now …time for a little payback i would have thought

  5. joelyrighteous

    I prefer to think of myself as a “geek” as opposed to a “dork”

  6. can I be a “nerd”?

  7. surely the difference is that a lot of people PAY for crikey!

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