MCM launches Digital Entertainment Network

A few months back I wrote a post around the dilemma’s facing Internet radio and streaming providers both here and abroad due to an almost extortionate stance from the record labels.

Tony McGinn – who heads up MCM Entertainment left a comment on the article.

Article is here –>

One point he made was “you have to get the value proposition right for all stakeholders; first and foremost the user, then the advertiser and then the labels. Without happy and loyal users, content with high quality ad funded content and happy and loyal advertisers, keen to reach the users in that uncluttered environment with rich media ads, the publisher has no business and the labels have no revenue.”

Last night MCM Entertainment launched their Digital Entertainment Network and MCM Media CEO Simon Joyce addressed these very issues in his pitch to the room.

It was a slick event and even the live demo went off without a hitch (how often does that happen … not often from my experience!) with MCM outlining the rationale behind the offer and what it can add to advertisers.

DEN is basically a syndicated music streaming network that uses MCM’s propietary technology across leading destinations such as Yahoo and News amongst others, as well as MCM’s own properties (Hot Hits, Movideo, Take 40).

For an advertiser it allows one sales point to generate distribution across a wide range of sites. It also means one trafficking contact.

The quality of the player is good. Simon showed the live example on a pretty large plasma and piped through the venues sound system and it was high quality.

The make or break for this sort of offer is the price. Get the pricing wrong and the technology and sophistication becomes irrelevant. Get it right and back it with sound rationale and it will fly.


One response to “MCM launches Digital Entertainment Network

  1. Wow. Congratulation to MCM. May you support and continue giving nice service to the people. 🙂

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