One Month of Interrupted News – stolen from Nathan Bush

Nathan Bush posted this on his blog – article here –
He looked at large news providers and portals homepages throughout June and collected all the Over The Page ads that ran.

It’s a large collection.

You can attribute this to EOFY as well as a belief that this sort of annoying advertising actually works and that users will cop it.
The only winner from OTPs is the publisher bottom line. The losers are the readers and the advertisers.
I hope now we’ve reached a new quarter the volume of these will decrease because, as a user, generally they really piss me off.
Some aren’t too bad – The Holden one and the Hangover ninemsn one aren’t too annoying.
Thanks to Nathan Bush for collating all this and making it allowable to embed (so I could steal with pride)
View more documents from Nathan Bush.

8 responses to “One Month of Interrupted News – stolen from Nathan Bush

  1. No worries Ben. You make a good point about EOFY. I’m skeptical that we’ll notice much difference in three months time but will run it again and see how we go.

  2. Out of interest, why do you say: “The only winner from OTPs is the publisher bottom line. The losers are the readers and the advertisers.”?

    Surely for the internet to compete with other mediums we need to create better branding options for advertisers.

    Viewers sit through TVCs. Why do you feel an advertiser suffers from an OTP?

  3. Great collection of intrusive advertising – and well timed as there is an intrusive video on the side of the Sydney Morning Herald site today.

    I havent checked but do all these videos re-run when the page auto-refreshes?

    If they do, the user isnt happy and neither is the advertiser.

  4. I wonder if the terminology changed to “Commercial Breaks” instead of “Intrusive Advertising” people would hate them less.


    Eric Rowe
    Flossie Media Group

  5. To Zac I think it’s fair to say that most OTPs are poorly executed compared to most TVCs – maybe the full screen commercial breaks like the ones on Ninemsn are the way to go – closer to the TV experience.

  6. Roger Lintzeris

    Do anything enough and it will become wallpaper.

    I remember when interactive ad units were the NKOTB.

    The shooting ducks one was my favourite.

    I was shooting 3 ducks for my chance to win 1 in 10 limited edition gold iPods, every chance I got.

    BANG, BANG, BANG…redirect.

    I was a duck predator.

    I used to search the interweb, just trying to find the ad.

    Then I got over shooting ducks. It was too easy (I’m yet to miss a duck…ever) and I’m still waiting for my gold iPod (…talk about bad service!).

    My point is – interactive ad units had become wallpaper.

    Whether it be kicking a goal, juggling balls, entering my email address, playing a trailer and sadly, shooting ducks. I’d had my fill.

    I’d seen them too much. They were no longer novel, which, in reality, was the only reason I was interacting away.

    OTP’s will (if they haven’t already) become wallpaper for many users.

    As the TV networks now grapple with integration and providing more than just spots, maybe it’s time digital publishers started doing the same?

  7. Fanaticads

    “The only winner from OTPs is the publisher bottom line”

    Publishers don’t book ads. Agencies and creative agencies who book and create campaigns for advertisers do.

    Agency/Advertiser books…Publisher runs.

    Believe it or not, big, bad publishers do not like interrupting and annoying their audiences…and you know that Ben.

    The point of this article would be better focused on the quality and execution of these OTPs. It is the Agency’s responsibility to ensure OTPs are of a quality as not to tarnish the reputation of their advertisers.

    Unfortunately, content costs money to make and until there is an alternative, Advertising is the only currently viable mainstream business model. Lets not rubbish it.

  8. talkingdigital

    fanaticads … if publishers don’t like it, why do they offer these placements.

    id say editorial don’t like doing it, but commercial depts do.

    anyway – i agree with you that agencies need to take more of an active responsibility to make sure these executions aren’t so intrusive. 100%

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