GFC impact #1257 – Google opens up Adwords for wagering companies

Got the scoop on this from a tipster, as it had slipped underneath the radar.

Google is now allowing wagering companies to purchase paid search links around search results. From reports this opened up on Tuesday but I can’t get a printed source on this.

So companies like Betfair, Sportsbest, Centrebet, Luxbet etc can all buy certain terms and ensure prominent position for their wagering products.

This is something Google hasn’t done in the past in AU. In the UK it started allowing wagering/gambling ads in mid 2008.

Search for AFL betting, horse racing, sports betting etc and ads are now being placed. This is a massive category for Google as these companies are playing in a big big market and search would be their number 1 channel.

The bottom line impact for Google would be significant and you’d be forgiven for thinking revenue is their prime motivation here. Previously the wagering companies still appeared through SEO so the user benefit seems to be non-existent here.

Google currently in AU limits it to wagering and Sports betting … not other forms of gambling.


2 responses to “GFC impact #1257 – Google opens up Adwords for wagering companies

  1. Fionn Hyndman

    If you think this is driven by revenue then how about the removal of brand trademark protection in certain Asian markets. That really just is for cash and I’d have so much more respect for them if they admitted it!

  2. The point is that clicking or performance on adwords is in decline – because everyone knows that these links are the most relevant they are simply paid for

    So in order to protect revenue google must allow all types of purchase now

    What they should do is offer a product that allows you to block content from being searched – no one ever thinks that some people may not want to be found

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