Is a Social Media presence the new 30?

A few years ago some would whinge that everytime a creative agency came back with ideas around a campaign they centered around a 30 second TVC.

‘How predictable’ many commented. Out of touch. Prehistoric. Self-motivated etc. They were probably right in many instances.

Is the new boiler plate response Social Media? (ie a Twitter feed, Flickr feed,YouTube channel, Facebook page, forum seeding, Social Media monitoring etc)


One response to “Is a Social Media presence the new 30?

  1. scott hampson

    I think that the answer to this is undoubtedly YES.
    The “social media response” is added to all campaigns now as a standard element and all the “popular” sites are included as part of the solution.

    Quite often, little analysis of which elements or specific sites will actually work for the campaign, is conducted.

    It is a scattergun approach, groping blindly for a possible “win” from the social media mix, with little understanding of what the different sites offer and how their unique audiences work.

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