The mums

Good to see Kidspot doing some research around Mum’s online and good to see the AFR cover it today in the media section.

Am I the only one who thought the last paragraph was a little odd.

Basically, the article was about what brands Mum’s like ‘talking about’ online (ALDI came in at number 1, with CEO Katie May doing a great PR job on ALDI but seemingly neglecting to mention Kidspot). It also had some pretty predictable insights around habits (3 main Internet activies were Email, banking and bills – which is the same as all people) and content preferences.

Anyway – Shoebridge closed off the article saying “75% of mothers said they were unlikely to respond to online banner and display ads.”

The majority of Kidspot’s business would be online banner and display ads … and the point of the research would have been to raise awareness of the site and its audience to people who plan and book online banner and display ads.



8 responses to “The mums

  1. Grammar Nazi

    The mum’s what?

    Or do you mean “the mums”?

  2. talkingdigital

    my bad – sorry mr nazi!

  3. Depends on how you interpret the data – on the flip side the research told us that 25% of mothers are likely to read and act upon online banner and display ads. Not a bad rate when you consider the industry click thru average.

  4. talkingdigital

    That figure requires further context … there are too many variables that would impact answers. How was the questioned phrased? More info would help

  5. The question was very deliberate in its word choice:
    “How likely are you to READ and ACT UPON the following types of online advertising”
    25% of respondents (or 709 mums out of the 2,834 participants) are very likely or somewhat likely to read and act upon banner ads/display ads.
    A higher percentage of mums are likely to read and act upon “Articles that include brand information” at 71% – but we’ve always known that editorial has a greater pulling power.
    I’m sure you’ll agree that the figures are very encouraging for those interested in reaching mums online.

  6. talkingdigital

    i think you needed some more clarity in the question

    – what causes them to act
    – is it based on fulfillment or demand creation
    – is it a blanket statement (ie all the time) or do they only act if it’s relevant

    My thoughts are people will act upon advertising that is relevant to them, regardless of the medium. If it isn’t relevant the medium is of no consequence.

  7. And as with all studies, you have to take the results into context. If you’re surveying people who use a recipe site, you should not be surprised that they research their purchases more and avoid impulse buys. However, that doesn’t mean that’s indicitive of the population at large.

    Studies without controls can sometimes be PR fluff as well as containing useful, actionable data.


    Eric Rowe

  8. my 2 cents.

    How many people were requested to do the survey? Is it possible that the people that responded to a survey would be more likely to answer yes to the banner ad question?

    I also think think the question is better phrased in retrospect i.e. “have you clicked a banner ad in the past”, “what caused you to the click the banner” i dont think you can trust what people say they would do.
    We did some surveys asking people who they were like to use to find local businesses and they responded with yellow pages but when we asked it retrospectively they actually used Google and ended up on a niche directory. Maybe ended up on Kidspot.

    I agree with Ben. i dont think people care what the medium, its all just space on the screen, if its relevant and it interests them they will click it.

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