Rebekah Horne scores primo myspace global gig

To be honest I am surprised this hasn’t made the news here.

Owen Van Natta, myspace CEO, has announced that former Australia myspace VP Rebekah Horne has been announced as MD and SVP of myspace’s international operations.

She replaces Travis Katz who has left the company.

From Van Natta’s email

International will continue to be a major priority for MySpace going forward and I’m proud to announce that Rebekah Horne – formerly our GM of Europe and Australia – will be taking over as MD and SVP of International. During her tenure at MySpace, Rebekah has done an incredible job inspiring and leading teams across Europe and the rest of the world. Rebekah spent last week in LA working with us on strategic planning and this week I plan to join her in London to meet with our leadership team in Europe. Please join me in congratulating Rebekah on her new role.

Good one Bek!


2 responses to “Rebekah Horne scores primo myspace global gig

  1. Hi Ben,
    interesting. I posted a relevant comment to your “Sample size of 1” post with a link to a really good piece criticising the ‘research’ and you decided not to approve?

    I’m not sure why this has given me enough energy to complain via your blog – I suppose it’s because I’ve never experienced someone bothering to do this?

    Is it because the piece is a touch sharper than your own analysis? Rather odd.

  2. talkingdigital

    hi justin, i’ve emailed you but thought i’d repeat myself … the comment never came through … I don’t censor comments.

    not sure what you mean ‘sharper than my own analysis’ … i can’t say i analysed that article … I moreso said I disagreed with a company like Morgan Stanley getting a little hysterical about the opinion of one teen.

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