The Punch in July

At the end of June I took a look at the punch’s progess after month 1.

Main takeouts were below.

The Punch is getting around 9,500 people a day.

This month (to 27/6/09) they have a total of 187,192 users. These users have viewed on average around 3.15 pages each.

Average session duration is 3 minutes, 59 seconds. A user returns on average .6 times.

Full post –

At the time I commented that these results probably wouldn’t have been ideal for the experiment … whilst unique browsers were high the engagement metrics that give advertisers a good idea of the quality of content and the loyalty of the audience weren’t. Basically, The Punch had solid traffic but they didn’t stick around for long nor return.

So, with that in mind … is July looking any better. Are the issues around duration and repeat traffic being addressed.

Let’s take a look for July (to 22 July – source Nielsen Market Intelligence)

The Punch is getting around 6,438 people a day. (down 34%)

This month (to 22/7/09) they have a total of 141,641 users. These users have viewed on average around 2.70 pages each. (pageviews per user down 14%)

Average session duration is 3 minutes, 53 seconds (flat). A user returns on average .54 times (flat).

So, all in all, not bad. Session duration is flat, so is repeat traffic. Users are down (which is okay but will probably be causing headaches at NDM who love pushing out the big numbers to market) and pageviews are down (which is also okay given people are staying for the same amount of time)

You wonder what is News’s end goal for the Punch. Is it revenue? Is it credibility? Is it opinion?


2 responses to “The Punch in July

  1. Hi Ben,

    That’s a useful update (although, give the poor sods a chance – there is still another week to run of July…)

    To respond to your final point, my guess is that at this stage, it’s a placeholder more than anything – if they don’t do it, someone else will.
    Certainly it’s hard to spot a path to profitability for the site with its current (high-for-what-it-is) level of resourcing.

    Personally, I’m getting to like The Punch. But I do wish they’d drop the newspaperish habit of chucking most of their stuff up all at once, first thing in the morning. It doesn’t give you much reason for going back during the day.

    Still, let’s not forget that Fairfax’s entry into the fray is due any day now – they promised an August launch for the National Times ( – spot my ironic typo in the url…)


    Tim – Mumbrella

  2. talkingdigital

    Absolutely tim – wasn’t trying to hammer them on total july users (given there was still 8-9 days to go) … moreso looking at the figures around user repeat traffic and time spent.

    I’m unsure whether there’s a space for general opinion/soapboxing … I’d imagine the costs for the punch aren’t tiny and the revenue potential now kind of is tiny.

    There is a niche, however, for small area focused opinion/news/soapbox type sites – ie around particular areas (finance, media, travel, sport). Maybe The Punch’s ambitions are too great to work commercially.

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