The rule of 5 …

We’re often told that people (us included) are time poor and under resourced. It’s probably true.

With that in mind we’re probably getting worse at delivering concise rationale behind the recommendations we make.

It’s almost like we feel that the more time we take, and the more data we present (useful or otherwise) the smarter we look and the more important we seem.

Right now there’s probably too many suppliers. Too mang agencies. Too many publishers. Too many of everyone.

With that in mind, a point of difference or the ability to construct an argument/case that demonstrates a point of different (actual or otherwise) is really important.

My feeling is that you should be able to do this with 5 pretty brief points that answer the key objective of the campaign. If you can’t distill the thinking into 5 points that aren’t just anecdotal blah or other peoples thoughts, go back to the drawing board.

Next time you’re making a recommendation try it. The ability to make a compelling case in a short period of time is going to become a valuable and a valued one.


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