The digital success of Masterchef cannot be ignored

I know it finished almost 3 weeks ago, but the success Masterchef had online I think needs further exploration.

Here was a concept many thought would tank early on, that became the biggest TV phenomenon of the decade and absolutely captured the imagination of the public.

There’s lots of talk around online video right now, which is good. Still, at the end of the day in whatever format it appears – content needs to be excellent to really grab the user. Let’s not forget that. If something is taking on the TV it will probably tank as bad online.

For Ten, the success of Masterchef online should be a real motivator. To date my experience with the Ten digital product has been patchy. No shortage of good ideas from sales, but the implementation of said ideas has been poor at best.

Now Nick Spooner has joined from ninemsn so brings with him three things the business needed and didn’t have. One – as a leader he is credible. Two – he has experience in a business that operationally is probably the best in the country (ninemsn) and can bring those learnings to Ten. Three – he has experience in launching new properties and developing appealing commercial propositions around them.

On top of this they have an incredibly successful web case study with Masterchef and have Idol launching in a few weeks which will do strong traffic.

But back to Masterchef. Here’s some pretty impressive stats

– every week (12 week program) their users were growing at around 20-30%. Every week. It started at week 1 with 48,000 users and ended week 12 with 543,000 (for just week 12)
– Users, on average, were spending 17 minutes on the site per week. This was pretty consistent from start to end of the program.
– In the final week, the site streamed 1.6m videos. For the duration of the program over 8m videos were streamed
– In week 1 video users were on average spending 19 mins watching videos, for week 12 this was over 30 mins.
– Users were engaged … for week 12 Video users spent 31 mins on the site, forum users spent 11 mins on that part of site and Recipe users spent 7 mins on that portion of the site.
– In Week 12 the recipe section alone had over 200,000 users. The recipe section grew from weekly users around 20,000 for week 1, to over 200,000 for week 12
– The Recipes section did just under 10 million pageviews for the 12 week run

These are some incredible stats. Ten has an asset that has some incredibly valuable components – especially in the area of recipes and video.

I will make a bold claim, in 2010 Masterchef will be THE web property advertisers are scrambling to be on. They are in a position where they will be able to name their price, which is virtually a first for the web here.

Why? It ticks all the boxes. It’s credible. There’s a loyal audience. They are engaged. It offers a variety of environments. It will appeal to an advertiser category that has been loathe to embrace online. Ten have a winner here.


3 responses to “The digital success of Masterchef cannot be ignored

  1. What would you suggest Network Ten do with the other online assets that sit outside the website? AKA What would you tell them to do next year with their Twitter and Facebook Page?

    Also on a side note, Where did you pull these stats from?

  2. talkingdigital

    hi mate – stats were supplied from Ten’s logs

    Re the other assets – that is a good question, I would probably defer it to you! I’m not entirely sure what you do with these community type elements in between broadcasts.

  3. I think social channels can definitely help with ratings but I do not know how you would create a direct revenue stream from them?!?!?!

    I guess that is just another problem to add to the pile of ‘measuring and monetising social media channel problems’!

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