Let me clarify …

I was interviewed by the SMH yesterday around the area of performance advertising and the potential of online advertisers becoming too click conscious.

The article is here -> http://business.smh.com.au/business/media-and-marketing/click-go-the-peers-boys-x2026-online-ads-need-a-true-tally-20090812-eich.html

The quote they ran was …

Ben Shepherd, the digital director of the media agency Maxus, says the online ad industry must find more effective ways of measuring an ad on the internet or risk it being regarded as one-dimensional.

”We need to demonstrate if an ad has delivered an uplift in intention to spend or interest in that brand … those are questions that we can’t answer,” he says

I want to clear a couple of things up. My comments were around perhaps as an industry we were focusing on the wrong metrics and need to look at alternatives to the ones being used now. The argument was attributing an action to 1 piece of a media puzzle is short sighted and we need to get better at working out what role each component plays and the strengths and weaknesses of each. I cited Millward Brown’s Dynamic Logic brand studies as examples of this.

The second point is – yes, we can address whether digital activity has an uplift in consideration/intent – in fact, I have conducted numerous studies for clients I work on. The issue is these studies are expensive – north of $15k – and could be seen by some in this climate as a very expensive reassurance that your carefully curated media strategy was in fact the right way to invest the funds.

Julian’s article is valid and something that needs further investigation – we talk a lot about engagement but generally the data around the claim is flimsy. Maybe the issue is we’ve become too dependent on data and now face an issue in measuring something that perhaps can’t be measured.


2 responses to “Let me clarify …

  1. hey mate, An area that needs a lot more discussion/work. Online advertising generally is undervalued.

    Fulgoni: The Bottom Line Is Online Ads Work For Branding And Sales http://bit.ly/TLHNp

  2. Fionn Hyndman

    I still love the fact that people talk about clicks as the key metric in performance advertising.

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