Interesting SMH feature on the “Google Monster”

Fairfax marketing writer Julian Lee has written a lengthy article on Google and it’s increasing dominance over the AU media landscape.

Interesting read. Mainly because of the lack of quotes from industry types. According to Lee “Telstra’s Sensis, News Limited, Ninemsn and Microsoft all declined to publicly air their grievances” around Google.

Yahoo!7 CEO Rohan Lund wasn’t short on material though. Some of his statements …

“There needs to be a conversation in industry and government about Google’s role in the market and what this means for business and consumers both now and in the future.’

“Commentators in the US are concerned that Google has a 60 per cent share. Let’s not forget that in Australia that climbs to nearly 90 per cent share, even after the Yahoo! and Microsoft search businesses join forces.”

“There are plenty of media and ecommerce players out there feeling very nervous about the Google Death Star. I’d be stunned if government isn’t thinking the same way.”

Greg Ellis from REA chips in around Google’s attempts to aggregate real estate listings  as part of its wider service.

Anyway the article is worth reading but doesn’t cover anything new. You wonder whether it’s legitimate news or Fairfax using their own distribution to hopefully spark discussion/concern around Google’s power.

Personally I think the issue is very simple. Consumers trust Google and I have doubts they trust the major content providers as much as they do Google. That is the central issue … consumers view Google, rightly or wrongly, as a company whose main aim is to make our lives better … not to extract money out of them or manipulate their power or push an agenda. This is a relatively new phenomenon – content providers are used to having influence and also used to this influence being incredibly valuable.

I’m not sure they look at Fairfax, News, Telstra etc in the same way that they do Google right now.


2 responses to “Interesting SMH feature on the “Google Monster”

  1. Which is good until the usual corporate types take over Google (if they haven’t already), then we’re all stuffed.

  2. My appreciation for Google is constantly on the rise. They provide simple, easy solutions at no cost to the end user and they’re always looking to expand into other areas. They are just too good.

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