Google wants to create your ads …

That’s where they’re heading if Nick Fox’s keynote at SES San Diego is to believed.

From the keynote

“What if search ads just…happened? You tell us what you’re selling, we do the rest.”

“What if you told us what you were trying to sell and we matched that to the queries of our users?”

Basically the premise was a brand would say – ‘I need to achieve x’ and the Goog would say ‘Give us your assets – videos, images, locations and we’ll create the best performing ad based on data and get you what you want.’

Nick Fox continues here in a thread on Google’s official SES Keynote Feedback Forum –

“Perhaps one way to do this would be to enable advertisers to submit (to Google) all the elements that they’d like Google to show in their ad (e.g. video, product images, addresses, product prices, etc).  Then Google would assemble the best ad, based on the elements that the advertiser has chosen and what searchers prefer on that specific query.”

Reading this you have to wonder what role a search or ad agency would play in all this. Google is effectively toying with the idea of creating the ad, optimising the keywords, devising the adgroups and amending them in real time.

There’s a comment in Julian Lee’s Google article from an anonymous “Ad Exec” around the ad agencies embrace of Google and Google’s recent want to collaborate with them.

“‘Someone is selling your advertising and you don’t have to pay them a cent to do so.”

How does this work given Nick Fox’s comments?


One response to “Google wants to create your ads …

  1. This sort of thing is actually quite common in China where you can get your digital creative for free, as long as you buy media from them.

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