Last weeks highlights were reader comments – Comscore and Fairfax

Last week was a good week for this blog. Some great traffic and most importantly, some great debate.

2 things may have slipped through the net as two of the most interesting things were not written by me … but were comments posted on the blog.

First up was a reply to this thread –

The thread was about the new Nielsen Netview panel, and Comscore’s Joe Nguyen made a reply to Kerry Field’s comment that this was “This is the most accurate data Australia currently has.”

Joe’s comment was …

“Kerry, I would beg to differ. Our (comScore) panel of 30,000 Australians is the most accurate in this market. We have not actively courted AU and the bodies, but are starting to.

“What can a 30,000 panel do for you? We report down to 3,388 properties, and 4,297 web domains. 950? Puh…leez….

“You will start to see more of us Down Under…. and we don’t just track urbanites in a couple of main Australian cities either.”

Now a few weeks ago I reran a post that Sound Alliance MD Neil Ackland initially posted for their company blog.

One commentator (who may of may not be Julian from Time Out) said he was interested to see what Fairfax would respond with given Neil’s post took a few shots at their youth experiment, The Vine.

Not too surprisngly, Fairfax never responded. But then they did … through a staffer … who pretended to just be a punter dude named Paul Styles.

“This really comes down to SA loosing market share with advertisers and its audience. SA have not really had any significant change in their UB’s month on month for a year now. Other youth focussed sites on the other hand have almost doubled their UB’s in the same period. If another site is smart enough to do something a little different and win over an audience and advertisers, how can you blame them. From what I can see, they are doing something really well and when compared to other youth sites, they really are hitting some home runs. They may not be perfect, but no site really is, especially in today’s rapidly changing market. I really like both sites as they contribute something unique to a market that has had little in the way of credible places for choice and voice. Lets not get caught up in hysterical sales talk…. We know at the end of the day, the audience will make the final decision, not marketing and sales. “

Here’s the problem: This was posted from a Fairfax IP – Ooops patrol!!

Comments are generally the most interesting content on any blog and this one is no different.


2 responses to “Last weeks highlights were reader comments – Comscore and Fairfax

  1. Thanks for flagging that I needed to respond to Joe, Ben. Have done so on the original post.

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