Some words we could do without

Everyone is guilty of throwing out a few meaningless buzzwords now and then … but right now I think some people are carving careers out of it.

Can we please stop using the following

– Crowdsource (used generally to help people make decisions on inane things)
– Bandwidth (used by people who claim to be busy to get out of doing something)
– Strategy (sadly used so much it doesn’t mean anything)
– “Hyper”-anything (unless related to early 90’s raves)
– Offline (take what offline?)
– Social graph (huh?)
– Advocacy (was valid, now misused)
– Solutions (by definition a solution solves a problem, not creates one …)

Ok thanks.


10 responses to “Some words we could do without

  1. While we’re at it can we just add the following more generic ones?
    – Reach out to my/your people
    – Touch base
    – Ideation

    I throw up a little when I hear these and thats just bad etiquette in meetings

  2. What about
    – Synthergise
    – Dial it up

  3. Thanks for the heads-up Ben.

  4. David, I always wondered why you looked like that when I was talking … hehehe

  5. And perhaps instead of “moving forward” we could just say “next”

  6. talkingdigital

    i say ‘moving forward’ a bit … shame on me.

  7. You’ll have to make amends Ben, and just move forward … opps … move next .. no .. move forward. Now I’m confused.

  8. talkingdigital

    can i add

    ‘join the conversation’

    oh man

  9. ‘touchpoint’
    ‘working in silos’ (what’s wrong with ‘not working together’ or ‘working separately’?)
    ‘deep dive’

    I could go on and on…

  10. It depend on the context:
    “Man, this torrent is sucking my freakin bandwidth”

    “Much of the Social Graph data comes from XFN”

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