September not so kind to

It appears that the month of September hasn’t been too kind to

According to Nielsen Market Intelligence data, user numbers are down by around 20% compared with August.

In August the site generated 241,900 unique browsers, generating 682,319 page impressions.

For September to date (28/9) it has generated 154,121 unique browsers … generating 528,032 page impressions.

It’s average daily browser figure has falled to 8,060, down from 10,969 in August … a fall of 27%

The same issues that I raised with thepunch after month 1 continue to plague the site.

Low user engagement. average session duration is around 4 mins, 30 seconds … which is an improvement but low considering the nature of the content.
Low repeat traffic. Users are generally visiting the site 1.7 times a month … ie, there’s not much repeat consumption and the majority of readers aren’t particularly loyal
the volume isn’t there. 528,000 page impressions isn’t enough to build a business around. The revenue potential of this sort of PI volume in this market is around $20k at 100% sell through (ie selling out of ads).

Anyway – if current data is anything to go by – September will be the worst month on record for

It’s been a successful PR initiative – the site is covered in trade press almost regularly and has already won an award … but is it as successful in delivering an engaged, fresh and commercially viable audience?


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