Foxtel launches ‘TV Everywhere’ type service, called ‘Download’

Foxtel launched it’s Download service last week, with what was apparently a big glitzy launch in Sydney (didn’t hear about an event in Melbourne)

Official info is here -> and here

It’s very similar to the US ‘TV Everywhere’ initiative –

Basically, it allows Foxtel subscribers (of which I am one) to access some Foxtel content online on demand.

I use the word ‘some’ as there is some content that won’t be available as much as it is through broadcast – specifically AFL and EPL.

So far, news content is also limited. I couldn’t find any content from Sky News, BBC (however BBC Knowledge is on there), Fox News, CNN, MSNBC.

I also couldn’t find any Simpsons or Family Guy episodes.  Or Seinfeld. Or Daily Show. Or Stephen Colbert. Or Sarah Silverman.

For me, Foxtel pays for itself through great sport content, 24 hour news and business info and good programming I can’t get on FTA.

There is plenty of content on there – just nothing I personally would watch. However, Download is of little purpose for a user like me – I have IQ2 so generally see everything I want to see on Foxtel through the record function.

Still – I struggle to see what value this has to Foxtel users as much of the programming that serves as a real carrot to signing up to Foxtel is not available.

The movies on demand are cool. However, the 1.4gb file size is large and will restrict the usage of the service for many Mum and Dad internet users who don’t have 100GB monthly d/l caps. Want to download Cash Cab (erm …) – that’ll be 321mb.

Those who have large D/L caps are already accessing movies on demand generally – through Bit Torrent. I doubt this will change this.

Shaky start for a product which has huge promise. Download is nowhere near as realised as IQ was when it launched, and where a product like IQ2 is now (which is beyond excellent and easily worth the $115+ it costs a month)


2 responses to “Foxtel launches ‘TV Everywhere’ type service, called ‘Download’

  1. is poised to be one of the hottest destinations online, and possibly the highest paid domain name in Internet history at $24 million.

  2. I agree with your comments about the iQ Ben – fantastic product.
    What the Download service does add to the iQ though is more opportunities to view and also portability.
    At home my daughters can watch season 5 of Australia’s Next Top Model on the lap top whilst the boys watch Ice Road truckers on the TV!
    As a parent, having some kids movies downloaded to the lap top was a godsend over a very wet long weekend at a rented cottage with no TV reception in Wiseman’s Ferry!
    Of course, I do also have some propfessional interest in this service!

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