Torrents still big in AU

Ran some numbers for a client I am working on today around the local success of bit torrent.

What I found was that 1.56m Australian’s used one of the 3 major Bit Torrent providers in August – Bit Torrent, Mininova and The Pirate Bay

Bit Torrent is the biggest – with 1.03m users in August. The Pirate Bay has 609,000 users, Mininova 745,000. Deduplicated the figure is 1.56m people.

Bit Torrent users are using the service 17 times per month.

To put this in perspective … The Age has 1.8m users according to Netview (the same source of the above data) – and they visit The Age website only 8.9 times a month.

I would expect torrent use to increase significantly towards the back of the year as the new US programming airs in the States.

Right now new Family Guy, Simpsons, Curb Your Enthusiasm etc are all airing in the US … shows we won’t see new episodes of for at least another 6-8 months or more.

Plus the American winter is a key period for big movie releases, which will see local users on torrents looking to download cam or DVD rips. They’ll also be looking for the freshest TV programming, given the last 3 or so months has been pretty barren.


4 responses to “Torrents still big in AU

  1. How did you conduct the research?

  2. talkingdigital

    hi cameron, i didn’t conduct the research … they’re numbers pulled from nielsen netview.

  3. As a (smug) Pommie, spoiled by a lifetime of the Beeb, I hope the local networks realise that the fact that Australians use BitTorrent more than anyone else in the world is directly related to how well they’re doing their jobs.

  4. talkingdigital

    i think it’s amazing some of the networks still think they can wait til feb/march or longer to broadcast shows that air originally in the US in Sept/October … things have changed but the approach doesn’t have seemed to.

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