Last Tix launches

I first heard about this concept about 12 months ago when I met with MyTickets CEO Christopher Plowman and as an idea it grabbed me immediately.

Over the last year Tony Faure has updated me about the idea and where it’s going, and it’s great to see it has launched.

I always liked My Tickets and as an advertising space it worked well for clients of mine. Commercially they were fantastic to deal with and some of their ad products were (and still are) great and different.

I still wondered how it made money because it was more a directory/listings site than a vendor … and the assumption was you needed to be the company who did the financial transaction to really generate revenue.

With Last Tix they answer that question … and they’re also filling a hole in the market with something that can solve a problem for promoters and also punters.

The group did some media with the SMH and the following quote really stood out

Fifty-seven per cent of tickets to theatre shows, concerts and sporting events go unsold. Just 7 per cent of such events sell out

Right now there’s no facility (that I know of) that allows consumers to buy discount tickets online to shows. What this does is offer that in a centralised way.

The key now for the group is to generate distribution. They have signed a distro deal with Yahoo!7 which is a start. It’s also important these deals are done with minimal upfront cost … ie a shared risk scenario.

They also need promoters on board. Right now the site is slick but the product is minimal. I think an obvious first partnership with with inthemix/fasterlouder/sound alliance – who have great connections with club/music promoters and a real need for a product like this.

The site looks great. The nav is good. It’s simple and easy. Two things that don’t generally align with buying tickets.

Definitely one to watch – really look forward to seeing what the guys can do.


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