Would you pay for this? Murdoch hack redefines lazy …

Ok a few things upfront (stay with me here) …

1/ There’s a lot of debate around paid content, and Rupert Murdoch believes that people should be paying for news content online

2/ The definition of news is so blurry who knows what it is anymore

3/ Murdoch has called aggregators and sharing sites ‘content kleptomaniacs’ … and has warned they will have to pay the price of co-opting News Ltd content

4/ Murdoch is even pushing pay TV operators to pay a broadcast fee for retransmitting his FTA channels in the US

5/ I believe Newscorp is responsible for some of the worlds best TV, movie and written content and find Rupert Murdoch a fascinating character. I’m not a blah blah Murdoch basher – if anything the guy intrigues me.

So we have that straight. Still with me.

Here’s what News Ltd’s Adelaide Now believe is news


It’s titled ‘Drunkest man ever tries to buy booze’.

Hilarious! BTW – I’m not sure this guy is drunk … I think another substance is causing the stumbling and general trouble he is in. Whatever trouble he is in, it would be unfair to not feature this as a news piece that is important to the lives of Adelaide’s citizens.

The video was posted on Break.com … then embedded by the Adelaide Now writer/editor (what do they call themselves now – curator??). The incident didn’t happen in Adelaide. It has no connection at all to Adelaide.

Is this what Murdoch means when he talks about his engaging, original content? A sad, drug addled man walking helplessly around a bottle shop … videoed on CC … ripped from break.com and disguised as news?

Maybe it is and I’m the idiot.

Trouble is. News didn’t create this. They didn’t source it. They’re not hosting it. They haven’t paid for its creation or distribution.

However, they are charging advertisers to advertise around it and making revenue as a result. They are profiting from someone else’s work and investment. Personally I think the video is complete sh*t and scraping the very bottom of the barrel, but that’s my opinion … the bigger issue is the hypocrisy.

Now I’m not stupid enough to think Murdoch wrote this story, but I think sometimes when he and his execs are grandstanding that maybe they’re not paying attention to what their own staff are doing. So whilst Rupert is in China crying about the evil Internet making things tough, his journo’s are doing everything he is rallying against.

It’s important to note that News Ltd and its digital properties LOVE embedding YouTube videos in their news articles. Check the hot, but sadly completely irrelevant fake lesbian video action in this must read article about Khloe Kardashian’s (who?) pre-nup with Lakers player Lamar Odom – http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/entertainment/khloe-kardashians-pre-nuptial-demands-from-nba-star-lamar-odom-finalise-marriage-deal/story-e6frewyr-1225788545014

I might be a cynic but I’m not sure this video has been posted to improve the story – I would guess it is to improve page dwell time.

Anyway, YouTube and embedded videos across news.com.au, the punch, perthnow, herald sun etc are nothing new and commonly used.

However isn’t this the same YouTube that is a tapeworm and vampire, part of the group which is robbing News Ltd of what is rightfully there’s by reusing their content!! I really hope Rupert and his gang are sending their cheques to the likes of YouTube, Break and their content partners each day for using their content to sell ads against.

Adelaide Now’s sales pitch on the News Digital Media media centre is debateable …

AdelaideNow is a portal to everything Adelaide – from the latest breaking news and photos to sport, entertainment, gossip and social pics.”

Really? Really? How is this related to Adelaide? I noticed they’ve left off ‘sad, exploitative videos of drug addicts’ in the description.

And the interesting thing (and sad too) is, this was the biggest story for the day on Adelaide Now … closely followed by pictures of Ricki-Lee’s Ralph dominatrix photo shoot at number 2 (another piece of content they didn’t have to pay for – Ralph is owned by ACP). Third is an article that is based on a radio interview on ESPN with Charles Barkley. (ESPN is owned by Disney)

Must be tough creating all this original content online.


8 responses to “Would you pay for this? Murdoch hack redefines lazy …

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  2. Wonderful observations and an exposure of the hypocrisy of News. It is only all right when they are knocking off content.

  3. I couldn’t make it to the end of the post … perhaps next time you could include a video?

  4. The danger of another highly influential media mogul, without a true grasp of his organisations online content strategy. Get a grip Murdock!

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  6. Nor is it news that Australian papers’ websites are dominated by total trash.

  7. News Ltd used to have a ban on posting YouTube links, but that fell apart pretty fast since it’s own video system was so bad.

    It is amusing that News Ltd use Google’s YouTube bandwidth to deliver content. And of course News Ltd sites have been specifically optimised to rank in Google news for years – it’s company policy to ensure they do !!!

    It’s Rupert versus reality

  8. The real question is why the media have not exposed New Corp as a great Ponzi scheme. On a long term basis the business has never made money. The funds that hold News shares have some serious questions to answer for their investors.

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