New Column on Business Spectator

Gday. I’ve been reasonably quiet on here for the last few weeks … the reason for this is I’ve begun a weekly commentary around media/digital/advertising etc on Business Spectator. (

Alan Kohler approached me with the idea and it was something I couldn’t refuse. Business Spectator is a great site with the best business journalists in the country. Why they want my “media loony” rants is beyond me … but they seem keen on the idea and I couldn’t be happier.

So every Thursday I’ll be running a commentary/column on the site. It’ll be available from the frontpage. For the remainder of the year I’ll be focusing on making these commentaries as tight as possible so my blog output will be pretty slim.

I’ll be linking to these pieces through this blog so email subscribers will still be alerted when something new is posted.

Enjoy and thanks for reading, commenting, abusing.


6 responses to “New Column on Business Spectator

  1. Good work Shep

  2. A natural development – well done Shep. I look forward to a fascinating read.

  3. Congrats Ben! It must be great to get the deserved recognition from a professional site like Business Spectator.

    Your blog has consistently delivered valuable insights and stimulated important debates that were not being had in the industry. Call me selfish, but I hope that this new focus will not stop those debates from happening. Dare I say it, but it’s your short, punchy ‘media loony rants’ that are often the most insightful. It would be a shame to lose that, so please keep them coming!


  4. Call me odd Ben … but I didn’t spot a “loony rant” among them … just someone who knows what they’re talking about calling it as they see it.

    Well done!

  5. Well done Ben! This is a fantastic achievement! Regards, Ron.

  6. Well, you did say I was smart guy Ben. And as a reader of your media loony rants, can I add my voice to Neil’s and hope they continue. Anyway, welcome aboard the good ship Business Speccie!

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