Creating analog interactions in a digital world

I was reading Nic Hodges blog today and found a really great piece of insight here

I think if we can start our work with the mindset of “What behaviour do we want to create that people will want and need?” rather than “How do we do this thing that we’ve always done, but do it better digitally?”, we could more easily be creating these analog interactions in a digital world.

The more of these experiences that we create, the more experiences that people will actually seek out and want to be part of, the less interruptive and irrelevant noise we will need to create. And that can only be a good thing.

Really have to agree here – often many of us get so sidetracked by the want to reinvent the wheel a little bit better in a digital sense, than thinking about what the ultimate goal is we want to achieve in marketing/comms.

I think Nic has nailed it. If we think first and foremost about the consumer, and secondly about the channel then great ideas and common sense thrives.

And personally I think it shows that insight, experience and basic human intuition is still the most valuable skill in this digital world of algorhythms and hype.

Recommended reading.


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