State by State – duplication across masthead titles

Over the past few days I’ve been looking at some Nielsen data around the location of readers of certain local digital mastheads and trying to work out reasons for many of them having such a small % of users originating from the state they’re based in.

Mumbrella have picked up on the story and I’ve been getting a lot of comments and emails around the issue. It appears it has sparked discussion, which is great.

My main concern was around the masthead brands in WA and QLD and the large % of users coming from VIC and NSW for both.

From the original post –

Both the Brisbane Times and WA Today have less than 40% of their audience based in their home state. Perth Now, The Courier Mail and Adelaide Now (all from News Digital Media) both tell a bad story too … with less than 50% of their users based in their home state.

In fact, the ONLY papers (aside The West Oz) that have more than 1/2 their users from the states they are based in are from Sydney or Melbourne – ie the states with the most Internet users.

I thought it’d be interesting to look at certain titles and duplication between the two. ie – how many SMH readers are also reading WA Today or Brisbane Times. Or how many Herald Sun and Daily Telegraph readers are also reading The Courier Mail and Perth Now.

Some key takeouts are below.

– Of WA Today’s 527,764 users, 247,006 also read SMH (47% of them) … and 205,970 also read The Age (39%)
– Of the Brisbane Times 787,759 users, 381, 640 also read the SMH (48% of them) … and 264,546 also read The Age (34%)
– Of Perth Now’s 884,641 users, 210,317 read the Herald Sun (24%) and 176,951 read the Daily Telegraph (20%)
– Of The Courier Mail’s 1.48m users, 306,479 read the Herald Sun (21%) and 255,959 read the Daily Telegraph (17%)

There is a big difference when comparing the Fairfax titles to the News Digital Media titles. Generally the overlap with the NDM titles is around 20%.  With Fairfax Digital the overlap is anywhere between 34% and 48%

So the question remains – how come some of the titles have such large duplication. Can someone help me work out why there’s seemingly such a large difference in overlap between the two publishers? Does one have far better presence in SEO and social media etc? What is causing the difference – is it accidental or intentional?


2 responses to “State by State – duplication across masthead titles

  1. Two theories. 1. Perhaps News Ltd masthead readers are more locally focussed. 2. Fairfax mastheads drive traffic to their state sites from the footer on article pages (which account for the bulk of their page views). News Ltd mastheads do not. Theory 2. probably has the bigger impact.

  2. As an avid AGE reader cross masthead syndication would be key, you read the age, click on a story and it fires you out to the Brisbanetimes….you take 5, realise you’re on a page with ads targeting QLD rate payers and then stumble back to someting more familiar… not a great user experience

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