An update about this blog …

Regular readers of this blog will have noticed that in the past 3 months the content has really dried up.

I’ve written a handful of posts, 2 of them were job ads for positions I’m trying to fill … so the pace has really slowed given in 2009 I wrote about 250 pieces of content.

So, what happened?

Well … I took a new role at Sound Alliance as Commercial Director. As to be expected, it’s a big job and settling in has taken time. The company is a busy place – which is why I joined – and it has taken up the majority of my time. This role is based in Sydney – my wife lives in Melbourne. So during the week I fly up to Sydney on a Monday morning and then back home on Friday afternoon. I’m heading to Gold status on Virgin Blue Velocity Rewards at a rapid pace – what this means, I am not sure.

As well as this, I was in the US for work in March for 2 weeks at SXSW.

On April 18, I married my now wife Eloise. The wedding was 12 months in planning – not that I really did much planning – but for both of us making sure the day was the best one of our lives so far took a lot of care.

Then we each took a month off and drove around California in a Mustang. It was awesome. Blogging wasn’t something that made the to-do list.

So, now I’m back. There is a lot of positive change at Sound Alliance and the next 12 months will be exciting. I had a think about what I can actually deliver to Talking Digital. On top of this, I write for Business Spectator and really enjoy it and want to keep doing this and being a contributor alongside people I respect like Kohler, Bartho and Robert Gottliebsen.

So, moving forward the format of Talking Digital will change a bit. I will write 1 post a week which will appear on Business Spectator first, and the next day here on Talking Digital.


2 responses to “An update about this blog …

  1. Awesome, looking forward to moar Ben!

  2. Welcome back to the blogging world. I’ve missed you’re insights on what’s going on in the Aussie landscape.

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