We are looking for 2 Group Sales Managers at Sound Alliance

We’re hiring at Sound Alliance.

We’ve compiled our strategy and direction for the next financial year and it’s exciting. We’re investing in product, marketing and people. We’re adding new sites, we’re improving existing ones, our business is getting better.

We need 2 Group Sales Managers to each lead a business patch and join us in delivering unrivalled results for our advertisers.

We’re looking for senior sales people who understand how to bring together our diverse, unique assets to create interesting and effective partnerships.

We want a GSM who can speak with senior people in an agency about the industry and make it worth the agencies time.

We want people who can build relationships based on value. We want people who can actively contribute to the commercial direction of the group and deliver on the potential of the business.

The next 12 months will be exciting. Just in the past 3 months we’ve entered into a strategic alliance with Moshtix, taken on The Hype Machine in AU, our creative shop Thought By Them was in the BRW Fast 50 and we’re about to unveil a brand new version of inthemix which is simply stunning. We’ve seen solid growth in new advertiser categories as well and momentum is strong. On top of this, Sound Alliance was voted by BRW as one of the Best Places to Work in Australia.

What sort of person are we looking for?

– someone with strong media experience
– someone who can lead
– a creative problem solver
– someone with strong communication + negotiation skills
– someone who is looking to grow with us

Are you this person? Do you know this person?

If so – email me. bshepherd@thesoundalliance.net


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